Bright Club Manchester

Bright Club Manchester is the comedy club where researchers and academics, from all fields and backgrounds, take to the stage to perform short stand-up comedy routines about their work. Why? Because it’s fun, interesting, and genuinely useful in the continued pursuit of knowledge.

Most of our performers have no experience doing stand-up comedy or haven’t even considered it before, but that does not matter. We provide training and support and a transformation occurs.

The show on June 12th has been cancelled

Those who bought tickets will be refuned.

The show on June 9th went ahead as planned.

We hope to bring you a new show in the Autumn.

How does it work?

Every event hosts a number of speakers, traditionally university researchers, but this has expanded to any individual who has a passion for their subject. We don’t discriminate by subject, experience, or fame: we just pick brilliant people, and let them tell jokes and funny stories about what they know best to an attractive and intelligent audience!

But I have never done comedy before!

That’s ok! Most people haven’t before coming to Bright Club – that’s part of what makes us special. We take your passion and knowledge and help you mold that into a kick-ass funny set with the help of online and face-to-face sessions with our seasoned stand-up performers.


Bright club started in London in May 2009 by the brilliant Steve Cross and Miriam Miller. Manchester was the first offshoot event 12 months later in May 2010 and holds events several times a year. Bright Club Wales came shortly after in November 2010. It has since turned up in many cities across the UK and even made it to Australia.